Future Projects

Okay, we'll be honest. 99% of the time, we make this stuff up as we go along.

Though there is one project we long to make, which may or may not ever see the light of day. We can't even tell you the codename of the project, because it would give away the climatic ending. Though we swear it's real. It originates from both the real event and the retelling of it from our own Jonathan.

It's an involved and long tale of late nights, lies, debauchery, video games, car chases, firearms, headlights at 3:00 am, and an insane encounter that brought in the cops. And here's the crazy thing, this really happened. Jonathan retold us the story that involved himself, Brian, and a late night visitor to Jonathan's house on the way to see The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King back in 2003. In the years following, we've learned additional details of the event from Brian himself, who attests "If I'm lying, I'm crying." And he never, ever cries.

We've tried for years to make this project happen, though we've had no luck yet. We guess you could say it's been in development hell ever since 2003. Though someday, in some shape or form, the story will be told. And then you'll threaten to rough us up in disbelief.

But again, we swear it's real.



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