Who Is Dirrty Apple?

Dirrty Apple is a group of hillbilly punks, all originated from Franklin County, Alabama. More specifically, Although we've all gone our seperate ways, our objective remains the same. To give you a laugh at our expense.

Dirrty Apple Is:

Daniel Horton - Now rumored to be keeping Madison and Huntsville in line, Daniel is the one with the Apple computers and the cameras. Without those, we'd be out of luck. He however, is dispensable.

Bryan Rogers - Known in these parts as "The Rodge", Bryan is now the favorite son of Hamilton and her good ship Easy Lube. He is usually the one on screen, because honestly he could probably just stand there and it would still be funny.

Sharla Horton - Usually the voice of reason, although we listen to her far less than we probably should. Though she's the one keeping us on track and out of trouble. Most of the time.

Jonathan Borden - Now said to be in Tuscumbia and in Casa at every opportunity, our wayward son has carried on, the ideas for both the Cops videos and our name originates from him. The prick.

Junior Members - David Horton, Serra Horton, Cody Ayers - Usually the test audience, but always the most entertained one.



Who Is Dirrty Apple?

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