During thier senior year in 2002, a group of friends decided to undertake a cause.  This was no normal cause mind you, but one with a certain goal.  To undermine and completely destroy the person of B.T. Rodgers, also known to the community as "Rodge".

Photographic proof of the legality of the project is as follows:

This is a website devoted to slandering the name and reputation of Brian "Rodge" Rogers.  Beware this vandal at all costs.  He is frequently seen around the slummiest areas of Franklin County, Alabama.  He moves in at a whim like a thief in the night, leaving only chaos and mayhem in his wake.

Here are a few rare pictures that we were able to take before he disgustingly defiled my digital camera and made off with my computer muttering incoherently about porn. Here is the collossal ass seen advoiding his profile shot.

Here is the insensitive prick greedily ravaging all of the money from my sister's monopoly set.


Unaware of his supervision, Rodge cleans his misfire with my own toothbrush. Once again, Rodge displays his incredible bastardness.


After a long night of debauchery, the insignificant twit had finally passed out on his bedroom floor in a pool of his own saliva. It was at this point I decided to call it a night.

After yet another unvarnished display of unmeasureable idiocy in Indianapolis, the fine gentlemen of the 501st took it upon themselves to let Rodge know his foolishness was not unnoticed.