What is "The Strip"?

It's simply a place for people to get together. While many urban legends paint the idea of "cruising the strip" as a bad idea, it is in fact harmless and silly fun. If you have ever seen the classic George Lucas film, "American Graffiti", you need no introduction or description. For the uninitiated, what basically happens is that everyone rides up and down the main drag of the downtown area. That's it. Friends get together and new ones are made. People show off their cars and catch up with each other. But for something so simple, there's something completely American and traditional there that few that haven't experienced it can understand.

When does this go down?

Local young men and women usually start riding up and down the main drag in Russellville around 9:30 pm local time on Friday and Saturday nights. It gets the most crowded from 10:00 to 10:30 and begins to die down after 11:00.

How do I find it?

"Downtown Russellville" signs can be seen coming from either direction on Alabama Highways 43 or 24 in Franklin County, Alabama. It's roughly a half hour drive from the Shoals Area in Northwest Alabama.

What's this Russellville place?

Russellville is the sort of place that has fallen from its former glory, but has traces of its great heritage left behind. Unfortunately, there is no rich heir to treat Russellville right as Harvey Robbins has done with the Downtown Tuscumbia Alabama area, but that doesn't stop Russellville from being as nostalgic. With a drive in diner, drive in theater, and unchanged downtown district, Russellville is the perfect place for such a periodic activity from the 50's and 60's.